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S01:14 – The Chosen Pizza

In this episode, Ben and Daniel talk about a show that has been popping up recently in Christian culture. They also discuss their thoughts on “faith in the Lord” and they review a pizza place that has been popping up like crazy all over the DFW area. 

S01:E13 – The Endless Pizza

Join Ben and Daniel as they sample over 15 different pizzas at one place. This restaurants isn’t your normal pizza place, and if anything has raised the bar on pizzas and pizza restaurants. They also dive in to what it means to have biblcal discipleship and what it should look like.

S01:E12 – The Easter Pizza

Easter time is finally here! Join us as we discuss what Easter means to us, and why it is so important to Christians! We also breakdown a few Easter traditions and foods that we both enjoyed growing up.

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